Black River

The elite neighborhoods of Sydney are becoming a serial killer’s hunting ground. But for a city—and a detective—on the edge, not everything is as it seems in a twisting novel of suspense.

ISBN: 978-1662510069

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Black River

by Matthew Spencer

During a stifling summer in Sydney, the body of a chaplain’s daughter is found wrapped in black plastic on the deserted grounds of an elite boarding school. Is it the work of the killer who’s been stalking the privileged neighborhoods along the Parramatta River? Gut instinct tells Detective Sergeant Rose Riley something even more devious might be at play.

Eager to find the so-called Blue Moon Killer before he strikes again, Riley forms an uneasy alliance with Adam Bowman, a journalist with a valuable, and unsettling, link to the school’s history. As Riley’s investigation takes her deep into the secret lives of Sydney’s prominent citizens, Bowman delves into the darkest places of his own childhood for answers. When their paths converge, Riley must use every bit of her cunning to stop another murder.

Excavating Bowman’s past might just be the key to unlocking the case. Or it could prove to be Riley’s undoing. Because clue by clue she’s being pulled into the sights of a killer.