Day of the Dachshund

ISBN: 978-1493027552

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Day of the Dachshund

by Jim Dratfield

The perfect gift for dachshund devotees

  • A brand-new edition of Jim Dratfield’s bestselling book
  • Delightful wordplay captures the quirks of this breed
  • Handsomely designed with more than 70 color photographs
  • What breed is sillier than the dachshund? None. With their low, elongated bodies, soulful eyes, and truly ridiculous proportions, dachshunds always look like they’re telling a joke. And their owners usually get it. Day of the Dachshund is for this crowd. In a gift-friendly little hardcover, Jim Dratfield combines great photographs with delightfully clever quips to celebrate the endless charm of this unlikely breed.