“As with rosé, the ultimate fun wine...what counts is atmosphere, wit and of course amusing French people. It's great fun to read, especially if you enjoy sticking you nose into all sorts of little-known corners of France. The Iveys...can't help but enjoy themselves, and so will readers.”

— Eric Asimov The New York Times' blog 'The Pour' on Extremely Pale Rose: A Very French Adventure

Extremely Pale Rose: A Very French Adventure

ISBN: 9780312369316

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Extremely Pale Rose: A Very French Adventure

Extremely Pale Rosé follows Jamie Ivey’s charming journey as he, his wife, Tanya, and their hilariously debauched friend, Peter, travel the south of France in search of the palest of rosés. Far from the plonk he’s used to, Jamie finds something fantastic about a cool, pale rosé on a hot day. Due to a translation mishap, Jamie is taunted by a local vintner that there is no paler rosé than hers and embarks on a quest to find one. Setting off on a ramshackle tour of France in search of the elusive bottle that meets the standards set, they visit main rosé producing areas and through eccentric locals discover much the regions have to offer. With wit, candor, and wonderful storytelling, Jamie Ivey maintains a tradition of excellence in food and travel writing. Readers are left with dreams of France, summer days, baguettes, and—extremely pale rosé.