How to Be Hopeful

ISBN: 9781728245591

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How to Be Hopeful

An Inspirational Guide to Ignite a Life Full of Hope, Happiness, and Compassion for Yourself and Our Future (Graduation, Get Well Soon, Thinking of You, or Divorce Gift for Women)

by Bernadette Russell

An inspirational mental health book about hope for women and men―how to look for it, act on it, and build it into a lifelong habit that will allow us to focus on the positives and the possibilities no matter what challenges life throws at us.

Author, performer, and activist, Bernadette Russell, has made it her life’s mission to teach the practice of hope. Filled with practical exercises, questions to consider, revealing research, timeless philosophy, and tales of triumph over adversity, this uplifting, motivational, and essential toolkit will give you all you need to live and to act with renewed hope for self-compassion and for a more compassionate world. It shows us the places we can look for hope―in nature, art, the kindness of strangers, our own actions―and ways to keep it alive through moments of adversity. It begins with how we find hope in ourselves, and then shines a light on how we can embrace and develop hope in our communities, the wider world, and in our future.

How to Be Hopeful makes a wonderful gift for all occasions!
  • Graduation gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Divorce gift for women and men
  • Get well or feel better gift for women and men after surgery
  • Cheer up gift
  • Thinking of you gift