Know It All

ISBN: 978-1615192397

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Know It All

132 Head-Scratching Questions About the Science All Around Us

The latest book in New Scientist magazine’s bestselling “Last Word” series—132 science questions and answers from amateur experts everywhere

This is no ordinary fun-fact book: These 132 offbeat questions represent the best reader submissions to New Scientist’s beloved “Last Word” column—a rare forum for “un-Google-able” queries, now in its 21st year! The unpredictable answers—sourced from the combined brainpower of New Scientist’s sophisticated and far-reaching readership—reflect readers’ wide-ranging areas of interest and expertise—from physics, chemistry, and biology to astronomy, zoology, and beyond.

One reader wonders if our two-legged stance invites back pain, and hears back from a veterinary surgeon who has treated countless back problems in dogs, cats, and rabbits. Another learns how large raindrops can get and how fast they can fall, from a science teacher who did his own experiment at the top of a lofty stairwell. And a professor of human anatomy weighs in on whether the heart can cramp like a calf muscle.

Know It All is your ticket to a grand meeting of curious minds—and a celebration of all questions—strange, trivial, or baffling!