“[A] welcome cautionary tale for the modern woman. . . . Her thought-provoking tract, bolstered by extensive interviews and research, urges women to forget Prince Charming, stop fantasizing about that six-burner Viking stove, and start funding their IRAs.”

— Tina Jordan Entertainment Weekly on Money: A Memoir

Money: A Memoir

ISBN: 9780312426279

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Money: A Memoir

Women learn the lesson early: Coveting money is greedy. Hustling for it is unladylike. Talking about it is crass.

And so they develop a quiet contract: I’ll do what it takes to get money, but I don’t want to have to think about it. Maybe an extravagant purchase gets chalked up as a necessity. A few twenties disappear from the husband’s wallet while he’s in the shower. A raise goes unrequested. A looming debt gets pushed aside, just for the moment…