No Limits

The gripping story of a turning point in global affairs, as politicians belatedly awaken to serious systemic threats.

ISBN: 978-1685890193

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No Limits

The Inside Story of China's War with the West

by Andrew Small

This is the inside story of a revolution in China policy, from Washington to Brussels, Berlin to New Delhi. “No Limits” explains how many of the Western politicians, thinkers and business leaders closest to Beijing have become its sharpest opponents; how the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated this collective rethink; and why 5G represented the first test case as to whether China may win the battle for the future.

Noted China expert Andrew Small offers a kaleidoscopic picture of a rivalry ranging far beyond ‘great power’ politics. He traces US efforts to recast relations with old allies, as Washington realises that it cannot confront China alone, charting Europe’s growing role in the technological and economic contest, and Beijing’s attempts to build a coalition of its own, from Moscow to Taliban-run Kabul.

The result is an engaging, lucid and even-handed account of the defining geopolitical issue of our age.