“A fantastic book, wonderful stories with nostalgic and inspiring recipes--an essential book for honest cooks.”

— Jamie Oliver on Nose to Tail Eating and Beyond

Nose to Tail Eating and Beyond

ISBN: 9781596914148

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Nose to Tail Eating and Beyond

by Fergus Henderson

Written in the same entertaining and accessible voice that made Nose to Tail Eating a certified foodie classic, this beautiful new collection of recipes by Fergus Henderson teaches you everything you’ll ever need to know to prepare even more mouthwatering, offal classics, from pork scratching, fennel and ox tongue soup, and pressed pig’s ear to sourdough loaves and lardy cakes, chocolate baked Alaska, burnt sheep’s milk yogurt and goat’s curd cheesecake, among others. While taking you through more than a hundred simple, easy-to-follow recipes, Henderson explains why nearly every part of every animal we eat is a delicious treat waiting for the hands of a patient cook to prepare it.