“Pick Me Up is clever, witty and fun! Izzy is a great character and I love Freddie. So funny!”

— Sophie Kinsella bestselling author of Shopaholic on Pick Me Up

ISBN: 9780755340002

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Pick Me Up

by Zoe Rice

Yesterday? My life was perfect. I was a full-fledged New York gallerista, gossiping all day about my favorite subject-art-while selling hundred-thousand-dollar paintings I would have died to own. The only thing better than my job at the Emerson Bond Gallery? The whopping promotion I was just about to get…

Today? Emerson Bond just dropped dead. Now we may all be out of a job: my fabulous boss Freddie (love him!). Our absolutely adorable receptionist Kimmy (love her!). And devoted, well-meaning me (love me!).

Tomorrow? I can’t even think about it… ...because I’ve definitely gotten off on the wrong foot with the insufferable star artist who’s responsible for my professional future. And then there’s the new blood at the Bond Gallery: Avery Devon, the man so gorgeous I can’t even speak to him. The man now in charge of my whole life. The man who, if I’m really, really lucky, will teach me all about the art of love-and not just in my dreams…