Solomon Macaroni and the Vampire Vacation

ISBN: 9780702268229

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Solomon Macaroni and the Vampire Vacation

by Ashleigh Barton

You’ll never believe where SOLOMON MACARONI is heading…

The world’s friendliest vegetarian vampire and his six mischievous cousins are going to Paris with Uncle Dracula. They can’t wait for the fine food, fabulous fashion and fang-dangled art. But Uncle Dracula is not himself. When the kids see the Mona Lisa, they get an idea to cheer him up… and it’s their naughtiest one yet.

With the help of an overly friendly hotel manager, they hatch a ridiculous plan to steal the famous painting. Before they know it, they’ve accidentally unleashed mayhem, with music-hating skeletons and grudge-holding gargoyles roaming the streets.

Can Solomon and his favourite cousin Lucy restore order to Paris before evil reigns forever?