“Without knocking anyone down on your way, hurry to the bookstore for a copy of Talk to the Hand… Long live the Queen of Zero Tolerance. And heaven help the rest of us.”

— The New York Times Book Review on Talk to the Hand

Talk to the Hand

ISBN: 9781592402403

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Talk to the Hand

by Lynne Truss

“Talk to the hand, ‘coz the face ain’t listening!” This expression has become so widespread that Lynne Truss need not even mention the name of the TV talk show where you first heard it. It’s a perfect example of how boorish behavior has become a point of pride in society today. “Talk to the hand”— when did the world stop wanting to hear? When did society stop valuing basic courtesy and respect? In the spirit of her runaway hit, “1 New York Times bestseller Eats, Shoots and Leaves, Lynne Truss analyzes the apparent collapse of manners in our daily lives, and tells us what we can do about it.

Why are our dealings with strangers becoming more unpleasant day by day? When did “please” and “thank you” become passé? When did the words “hello,” “good-bye,” and “good morning” fall out of common usage? Why do people behave as if public spaces are their own chip-strewn living rooms? Talk to the Hand is a rallying cry for a return to civility in our “eff off” society and a colorful call to arms— from the wittiest defender of the civilized world.