The Artist’s Secret

While searching for her lost sister, art historian Wren Summers takes on the glittering world of New York's auction houses.

ISBN: 978-1460758182

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The Artist’s Secret

by Alexandra Joel

A missing girl, a hidden masterpiece, and the search for the truth

America, 1965: After escaping from anti-war turmoil and the suffocating weight of family expectations, a beautiful young couple embrace a life free of materialism and tradition by a sapphire lake in Italy. But the past does not always let go so easily ...

Australia, 1987: Talented art historian Wren Summers starts her dream job at Sydney Art Museum. She quickly makes a name for herself, though keeps quiet about her raffish upbringing and troubled artist mother. Then, just as everything she has strived for comes crashing down, a monstrous family secret is revealed.

Wren heads to New York to search for the missing girl at the heart of this shocking mystery – and to make a fresh start in the glittering realm of high-stakes art auctions. As she struggles to fulfil her quest, can she navigate this glamorous new world of swirling temptation, romance and deceit, danger and betrayal, while staying true to what is right?