The Rising

The explosive conclusion to the Branded Season duology: two sisters harness their powers to fight for the people they love. But when those powers are capable of overturning worlds, love can be an uprising.

ISBN: 978-0645498578

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The Rising

by Jo Riccioni

Nara and her twin sister, Osha, have escaped the Citadel and the brutality of the Wastelands to arrive in the capital of Reis, home of the wrangler.

The Shadow City is rife with political power plays, complicated by rumours of a long-awaited prophecy – the coming of a Pure healer with the ability to cure the Branded. With her healing powers growing ever stronger, all eyes are on Osha. But there are those in Reis who would kill to control her gifts.

If she is to protect her sister, Nara must navigate new allies and old enemies in the Shadow City. That’s easier said than done when she’s caught between her first love and the man who’s stolen her heart but broken her trust. Worn down by lies and deception, Nara is forced to question who she truly is and what she can believe. One thing is becoming clear: she and Osha must learn to wield their powers to guard their freedom, but also to fight for what is right. With dark forces taking control across the continent, the Branded must rise to survive.