The Starchblocker Diet

ISBN: 9780060559335

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The Starchblocker Diet

by Steven Rosenblatt

Are starchy foods - breads, pasta, potatoes, grains - your dietary downfall? Here is a simple, safe, dramatically effective strategy to help you eat the foods you love - and lose weight. Here’s a program that’s almost sinfully satisfying but modest in calories, a new medical strategy based on 30 years of clinical testing that helps people lose weight without giving up their favorite foods. Starch blockers are a natural, non-prescription partial protein derived from white kidney beans. Taken before meals, they bind with the enzyme that digests starch, so most starch passes through the body without releasing calories, similarly to fibre. There are no side effects, but a huge benefit: up to 1/3 of the calories you eat can be instantly, safely neutralized! The Starch Blocker Diet provides a three-step program for achieving safe, lasting weight loss using starch blockers: Step 1: Redistributing Calories: You’ll actually eat more starchy foods—to maximize starch blockers’ neutralizing power! Step 2: Taking Emotional Control: Starch blockers help you regain power over food by stopping cravings