Wealth Secrets of the One Percent

Discover how the superwealthy made it to the top (and you can too!)

ISBN: 978-0316378932

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Wealth Secrets of the One Percent

A Modern Manual to Getting Marvelously, Obscenely Rich

by Sam Wilkin

From the richest Romans to the robber barons to today’s bankers and tech billionaires, Sam Wilkin offers Freakonomics-esque insights into what it really takes to make a fortune. These stories of larger-than-life characters, strategies, and sacrifices reveal how the wealthiest did it, usually by a passion for finding loopholes, working around bureaucratic systems, and creating obstacles to competitors.

WEALTH SECRETS OF THE ONE PERCENT gets at the heart of our feelings about the 1% of top income earners and the roughly 0.0001% who achieve billionaire status: we love to hate them, but we’d love to be them. Wilkin’s insight into the sources of wealth is thought-provoking and rigorous, and he reveals that behind almost every great fortune is a “wealth secret”—a moneymaking technique designed to defeat the forces of market competition.