Signed & Sealed

Uncover inspiring correspondence and powerful stories from some of history's most noted (and notorious) letter-writers in Signed & Sealed, a beautiful collection from the team behind Quotabelle.

ISBN: 978-0762478323

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Signed & Sealed

Greetings, Goodbyes, and Fine Lines from History’s Remarkable Letter Writers

by Quotabelle

From the authors of Beautifully Said, Grit & Grace, and Bravely, comes Signed & Sealed, a charming gift book that captures the wit, heart, whimsy, drama, and brilliance of correspondence between iconic and little-known pairs both past and present. Inside, readers will find entries that highlight unique openings and closings from letters in period-inspired fonts alongside intriguing stories that reveal the who, what, when, and where behind each distinctive quotation.

With chapter themes like “with a wink,” “with a swoon,” and “with an agenda,” this clever, stylish collection combs through thousands of years of moving missives—from fan mail and love letters to sage advice and fond farewells—to deliver wisdom and inspiration drawn from the private words of public pairs. Its pages are tailor-made for bibliophiles, history buffs, pen pals, stationery fans, and letter lovers of all ages. The 100 featured correspondents include friends, colleagues, lovers, family members, and professional admirers, among them Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, George and Martha Washington, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Taylor and Andy Warhol, Nelson Mandela and his young daughters, plus many more.

This unique collection was meticulously researched and curated with care by Quotabelle, a start-up that elevates women’s voices through the power of words. It’s bound to inspire today’s letter writers to create their own new “signatures.”

Signed & Sealed is a perfect pairing with Quotabelle’s Salutations & Signoffs notecards, both designed to revive the lost art of letter-writing, one line at a time.