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Quotabelle is a personal inspiration gallery.

We’re reimagining how we discover women & girls who challenge, encourage and entertain us.

At the heart of our business is a desire to connect people + ideas in ways that make a difference with our lives.

And, to have a bit of fun along the way.

Discovering muses.

We love what’s being done to encourage women & girls to lean in, break glass ceilings, explore STE(A)M, pursue personal passions and create social impact.

We’re doing our part by unearthing inspiration that’s already out there and surfacing every day. We’re sharing her quotes + stories so even more female role models emerge in our connected world.

Quotabelle is compiling the most modern collection of sourced quotations by women & girls, curated to speak to us in this contemporary moment. You’ll find timeless treasures and classics to come.

Our custom platform is what we use to archive, organize and share her quotes + stories. Think mobile storytelling meets mobile commerce.

And, our approach to tapping talent is central to our model.

Pauline & friends

While hunting for a quote to inspire my thinking, a casual observation ignited my newfound passion. The result? A bootstrapped startup with an important social purpose.

Today, I’m working with smart, fun and funny people to reimagine how we discover quotes and stories of real women + girls in our modern, mobile world.

Many people have generously shared ideas, time and talent to launch Quotabelle. Meet the students, recent grads, stay-at-home moms, independents, entrepreneurs and retirees. Millennials to baby boomers. Working across states and even oceans.

Helen Keller had it right: “The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.”