Bohemian Manifesto

ISBN: 9780821228906

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Bohemian Manifesto

by Laren Stover

Bohemianism is a way of life, a state of mind, an atmosphere. It is not a trend, its a timeless movement. It is about living beyond convention. Bohemian Manifesto explores and joyfully celebrates the creativity, the originality, and the splendor of a lifestyle and spirit shared by free-thinking, free-living artists, poets, writers, sculptors, musicians, and intellectuals. This is the first book to distill and categorize all the ingredients of Bohemian life. In a witty and engaging style, Laren Stover examines the contents of a Bohemian’s closet, bathroom, and bookshelf. She explains the allure of absinthe, why it isn’t wise to leave a Bohemian unattended in your home—you could return to find nude nymphs painted on your lamp shades—and how to identify what type of Bohemian you might be.