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Fourth of July Reads!

There are two reasons why the Fourth of July is such a great reading holiday: patriotism and time off from work. There’s just nothing better than a day off spent swimming, eating hot dogs and potato salad, and relaxing with an amazing book before watching fireworks and celebrating the inception of the good ol’ USofA. Here’s a list of books that can make this Fourth of July magic happen for you:

1. Beach reads!

WEDDING NIGHT by Sophie Kinsella

Any book that USA Today calls “[A] fun novel that’s as light and bubbly as a glass of wedding champagne” is perfect to read poolside while sipping iced tea. Kinsella’s fast-paced hilarity will make your long weekend brighter and distract you from any boring (or unruly) family members! We also highly recommend BEAUTIFUL DAY by Elin Hilderbrand and IF THE SHOE FITS by Megan Mulry. Both are sure to have you flipping pages faster than flipping burgers!

2. THOMAS JEFFERSON: Author of America by Christopher Hitchens

If you’re looking for an opinionated and idiosyncratic biography of one of our most illustrious founding fathers, look no further than Hitchens’ treatise on Thomas Jefferson. When would there be a better time to read a book by one of the principal authors of the Declaration of Independence?

3. SMOKE AND PICKLES by Edward Lee

This book is perfect for anyone trying to bring a little culinary daring to the traditional family cookout. Who wouldn’t be impressed if you brought “collards and kimchi” or “miso smothered chicken” to the picnic table?!


Largely viewed as required reading, a book about the history of the American people from ”the point of those whose plight has been largely omitted from most histories” has never been more relevant than today with Supreme Court decisions being made right before our eyes.

5. SOUTHERN LEAGUE: A True Story of Baseball, Civil Rights, and the Deep South’s Most Compelling Pennant Race by Larry Colton

This book does double patriotic duty as it tells the story of a pivotal point in our nation’s history through the lens of our national pastime, baseball.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Reading!

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