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Gianrico Carlofiglio’s ‘Three O’clock In The Morning’ Generates Buzz Upon Publication

Gianrico Carlofiglio’s latest novel, Three O’clock In The Morning, published on March 16, 2021 and has been long awaited following his other award-winning works. This coming-of-age novel will take readers on an adventure with Antonio and his father as they endure two sleepless nights in 1980s Marseilles in search of a doctor to treat Antonio’s epilepsy. During this journey, the pair reconnects with one another and share unforgettable moments in the city’s outskirts.

Publisher’s Weekly included Three O’clock In The Morning in their list of PW Picks: Books of the Week, March 15, 2021 describing the novel as “Antonio’s catalog of intimate experiences, whether painful, pleasurable, or bittersweet, make for an enchanting coming-of-age tale.” In addition, the New York Post included this novel on the publication’s weekly list of ‘The Best New Books to Read: Top Releases.’

Read the Publisher’s Weekly article here.

Read the NYPost article here.

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