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August is a perfect month for reading because it is the last full month of summer before the sheer drop off into fall. That is, it combines the two best reasons to read: to pass the time, and to escape the present. It is basically equivalent to the interval between pulling the plug in the bathtub and the moment when the waterline dips below your body, exposing you to the cruel cold air of the world out there. It’s still warm; but the gurgling grows louder.

Here to introduce some fabulous new books this week—all perfect for August reading—is William Wordsworth:

And see the children sport upon the shore,
And hear the mighty waters rolling evermore.
And read these books.
There are four.

The Creeps, by Chris Schweizer

The Little Brother, by Victoria Patterson

Landfall, by Ellen Urbani

Death in Florence, by Paul Strathern

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