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10 Books to Put on Your Reading List

1. Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella

From #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sophie Kinsella, comes a charming romantic comedy following a writer on her international dating journey. When Ava decides to abandon her dating apps for a writing retreat on the coast of Italy, she ends up embarking on an unexpected love affair with a member of the neighboring retreat. Is this too good to be true? Will they make it when they return home?

Love Your Life is now available as an audiobook for US and Canadian readers!

2. The French Art of Not Trying Too Hard by Ollivier Pourriol

2020 has been a long year for us all so why not switch things up and learn something for the French. Ollivier Pourriol’s The French Art of Not Trying Too Hard offers a fresh, laissez-faire outlook on life derived from the minds of revered French philosophers.

3. Troubles in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

This conclusion to the Paradise trilogy was recently named a 2020 New York Times bestseller and Amazon’s editor’s pick. Follow Irene Steele and her sons as they unravel the mysterious death of her husband on the Carribean island of St. John. While you’re at it, you can pick up the first two novels in this thrilling series: Winter in Paradise and What Happens in Paradise.

4. F*cking History: 111 Lessons You Should Have Learned in School by The Captain

This isn’t your typical history book. The Captain delivers a hilarious and refreshingly honest account of history through a modern lens. From dating rituals in Ancient Greece to the squad of Catherine the Great, you very well may learn something new after reading F*cking History.

5. The Cult of Smart: How Our Broken Education System Perpetuates Social Injustice by Fredrik deBoer

In light of recent outcries for social justice reform, The Cult of Smart provides another angle for one to perceive today’s inequities. Fredrik deBoer dives into the causes of America’s broken education system as a result of unequal class structure based on intellectual ability. deBoer proposes striving for an equality of outcomes and many more insightful recommendations.

6. Mandy’s Gourmet Salads: Recipes for Lettuce and Life by Meredith Erickson

With all this free time, why not get healthy and learn a new recipe at the same time? This recipe book of gourmet salads provides easy-to-follow steps to turn simple ingredients into a flavorful and hearty masterpiece. There’s also nutritious recipes for grain bowls and sweet treats!

7. The Rules of Contagion: Why Things Spread—And Why They Stop by Adam Kucharski

If it wasn’t already on your mind this year, now’s your chance to dive deeper into what it truly means to be viral. Epidemiologist, Adam Kucharski, explores the science behind contagion in our day-to-day lives from video trends to illnesses.

8. Dark Tomorrow by Reece Hirsch

Looking for a new thriller to add to your reading list? Follow FBI special agent Lisa Tanchik as she navigates a deadly cyber security threat so she can save America’s institutions and millions of lives.

9. On Account of Race: The Supreme Court, White Supremacy, and the Ravaging of African American Voting Rights by Lawrence Goldstone

In the wake of a historical election, it never hurts to brush up on your knowledge of the U.S. government. This accounts unravels the history of white supremacy and discrimination as it relates to the 14th and 15th Amendments of the Constitution. Learn more about the tumultuous history of voting rights and how to preserve the future of American democracy.

10. Think Like a Rocket Scientist: Simple Strategies You Can Use to Make Giant Leaps in Work and Life by Ozan Varol

Lastly, find out how you can shoot for the moon in your everyday life with this self-help book using rocket science! Uncover nine simple strategies to elevate your work and social life based on this out of this world discipline.

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