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Matthew Parker

Born in Central America in 1970, Matthew Parker spent part of his childhood in the West Indies, acquiring a life-long fascination with the history of the region and a hopeless enthusiasm for cricket. A first-class graduate of Oxford University, he has worked as a writer, an editorial consultant, a commissioning editor, and as a contributor to history television projects. Radio appearances include the Diane Rehm show in the United States. His books include Monte Cassino, Panama Fever: The Battle to Build the Canal and, most recently, The Sugar Barons: Family, Corruption, Empire and War in the West Indies. Matthew has written for a number of newspapers and magazines, including History Today, BBC History Magazine and the Guardian, and lectured at the Royal Geographical Society in London, the Explorers’ Club in New York, Northwestern University in Chicago, and the Society of the Americas in Washington DC. His most recent television project was as historical consultant and interviewee for PBS’s “Panama Canal”. He currently lives in the East End of London with his family and annoying dog.