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Weinye Chen

Weinye Chen has been drawing all her life ever since she could remember how to. After graduating with a BA in Multimedia Design from The One Academy and working for a couple of years, Weinye decided to return to school to pursue her first love - illustration. While receiving a BFA in Illustration from The Academy of Art University, upon moving to the Bay Area, she decided to create a comic journal as a way to share her new life, in a new place with her friends and family back home in Malaysia. What started out as a little, illustrative journal soon began to catch on and has since gained an ever-growing following online (also known as The Flannel Panel!).

Weinye is now back home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she works as an illustrator.

Weinye has been featured on both international and local news media such as, Bored Panda, Artcultzine, CUTOUT, Eksentrika, Asian Correspondent and The Sun Daily.