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Alastair Gordon

​Alastair Gordon is an author who likes to explore urban and ex-urban spaces, especially marginal places like airports, beach houses, hippie houses, and isolation chambers. I was born in Scotland but have lived most of my life in or near new York City. I have published several books including Weekend Utopia, Spaced Out, Naked Airport, Beach Houses, Romantic Modernist, Long Island Modern, The Hamptons After Pollock, American Dream, Beaux Arch, Miami:Blueprint of Eden, I travel extensively and write for different publications including WSJ., the Wall Street Journal Magazine. My family and I have moved to Miami for the year and we like it here beside the manatees and the iguanas. I am finishing a book about my father and war and memory—not really about architecture at all—but many of the same themes run throughout—and the vigilance of viewing.