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Carolyn Phillips

Nominated twice for a James Beard Award, Carolyn Phillips is a food writer, scholar, and artist. She is the author of All Under Heaven (McSweeney’s + Ten Speed) and The Dim Sum Field Guide (Ten Speed). Her prose, articles, and recipes have appeared in most major publications and collections, including Lucky Peach, Saveur, Vice Munchies, Gastronomica, and whose work has appeared in books, magazines, museums, galleries, Papyrus greeting cards, and even on Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninja series. Her detailed and often magical illustrations are created in fine line ink, watercolor and ink, or oils. Carolyn was a cultural consultant on the third Ghostbusters movie, a professional Mandarin interpreter in the federal and state courts for over a decade, lived in Taiwan for eight years, and married into a Chinese family decades ago.