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Kimberly Gerry-Tucker

Kimberly Gerry-Tucker was born in Massachusetts; raised in Connecticut, by loving, supportive adoptive parents. It’s through her passion for art and her innate drive to create, that she expresses herself best.

Her paintings have shown at numerous New England galleries since 2007. Kim has been a published author since 1999, with her stories appearing in such anthologies as “Women From Another Planet” (edited by Jean Kearns Miller).

Her own book, “Under The Banana Moon” (with Foreword by bestselling author Donna Williams), is Kim’s memoir of living, loving, loss and an autism spectrum/selective mutism diagnosis.

Kim has ghostwritten the book “Reborn Through Fire” and was interviewed in Keri Bower’s docu-film called “ARTS”.

Kim’s self portrait titled “Shattered Image”, appears on the cover of the book called “Artism, The art of autism, shattering myths about people living on the spectrum” (edited by Debbie Hosseini).