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Brenda Remmes

My mother tells me as a child of two I used to stand on top of the two foot brick wall that edged our front yard and wait for someone to walk down the sidewalk. The boundaries were set. I couldn’t leave the yard, but I could accompany anyone who passed by the length of the brick wall. Thus, I spent my afternoons walking the wall, finding out people’s names, where they were going, and if they had any children my age who might want to come and play.

As a Southern woman, I still pay attention to boundaries, but I am forever talking to people and waiting for the next story someone tells me. I’ve grown up in a family of characters and story tellers. If you ask any of us how our day went, don’t expect a simple answer. Answers involve descriptions and descriptions that are worth listening to entertain the listener. If there’s not a laugh in there somewhere, you’ve missed the mark.

Throughout my life, regardless of my day job, I’ve always felt that entertainment was a crucial part of success. People who find some joy in what they do are more self-confident, act nicer to one another, and don’t get sidelined by fears. I hope my writing entertains you, that the stories I tell give you opportunities to laugh while you gain some insight into how people handle difficult situations. If it helps you to challenge a preconceived notion…Wow. I accomplished even more than I hoped.