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Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett began telling stories at a very young age. He started with hand puppets and marionettes, which segued to a ventriloquist dummy, which leap-frogged into making animated films, then evolved into student comedy shorts, then led to creating and writing animated series’ and then writing this book. Ian has written for, and/or developed many popular children’s series’ such as The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Rolie Polie Olie, Lunar Jim and Rescue Heroes. He has also created several original series including his namesake show, Being Ian. Ian is also a very well-known voice actor in the world of animation, entertainment and advertising. He is the voice of literally hundreds of animated characters including “Baby Taz” of the Baby Looney Toons, “Dad” in Johnny Test, “Cheetor” of Transformers/Beastwars fame and a dozen different characters including “Mr. Pop” in Dragontales. He has been the TV promo voice of Family Channel, PBS and Fox Kids, as well as commercial brands like BestBuy, McDonalds and VISA. The father of two and husband of one for over 26 years, he enjoys hanging out with his kids, travel, and great food. He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and also has a residence in Palm Springs, California where he and his family go to escape the drip and drizzle of the west coast of Canada. Ian’s one “vice” as he calls it, is a love of automobiles. His secret desire is to be a professional race-car driver and participates in enthusiast events throughout the Northwest in his Porsche (a car which he is keen to point out is also practical enough to take his kids to school in). Do we sense a hint of rationalization?