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Paul Anthony Jones

Paul Anthony Jones is an author and writer based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He has written eight books: The British Isles: A Trivia Gazetteer (2012); word origins guide Haggard Hawks & Paltry Poltroons (2013); its sequel Jedburgh Justice & Kentish Fire (2014); language trivia book Word Drops (2015/2016 US); The Accidental Dictionary (2016/2017 US); linguistic yearbook The Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities (2017/2018 US); an etymological guide to place names in the dictionary, Around the World in 80 Words (2018/2020 US); and most recently, the critically acclaimed Cabinet of Calm (2020).

Alongside his books, Paul has contributed articles to countless publications and websites both on and offline, including The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Telegraph, The Huffington Post, The Byline Times, The Big Issue, BuzzFeed, Quartz, and Mental Floss. He also runs the popular language-based Twitter account @HaggardHawks—which now boasts over 65,000 followers—and in 2018 founded the new trivia podcast Yes or BS. He appears regularly in the press and local radio—including providing a weekly word puzzle to the BBC Newcastle mid-morning show—and at book and literary festivals.