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Melissa Levi

I’m Melissa Levi, and I’m a Clinical Psychologist specialising in Older People’s Mental Health and Dementia. Over the past decade, I’ve been blessed to work with more than a thousand ageing clients and their families. And I have come to know that while every family’s story is unique, they all share the same fears and questions about the ageing journey.

In 2010, these became the questions of my own family. My beloved grandfather, my Zaida, found himself in a street fight with dementia. As I struggled to navigate between my roles as professional and granddaughter, I desperately wanted to give my family a “What to Expect When… your father is ageing, and has dementia, and calls you in the middle of the night, and can no longer live on his own, and is dying, and you have no idea what to do” sort of book or website. I came up empty handed.

This was my “Aha!” moment!

I have seen firsthand that being empowered with the knowledge and confidence to have the hard conversations, and make informed, values-aligned decisions can determine our quality of life as we age, far beyond any diagnosis. And I am passionate and committed to bringing this potentially life-changing information to families in need all around the world!