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Kathleen Jamie

Kathleen Jamie is a poet and a writer of non-fiction. In her younger days travel informed her work. Visits to the mountains of the Eastern Karakoram (Northern Pakistan) produced her travel book Among Muslims. However, over the last decade, she has worked on shorter non-fiction as well as poetry and published three books of essays: Findings, Sightlines and now Surfacing. Reviews and occasional writings appear in such journals as The Guardian, the London Review of Books and Orion (USA). Kathleen has also written for BBC Radio 3 and 4. Her poems have appeared on the Underground systems of London, New York and Shanghai, and a poem of hers was recently chosen by the public to be carved on a huge wooden beam on the national monument at Bannockburn.

Since 2010, she has held a part-time post as Professor of Poetry at the University of Stirling.