Our Staff

Eliza Rothstein

A native of St. Louis, Eliza Rothstein began her career in publishing at The Susan Golomb Literary Agency after studying Comparative Literature and Art History at the University of Pennsylvania and attending the Columbia Publishing Course. At InkWell, she represents memoir, literary and commercial fiction, and a wide range of journalists and non-fiction authors who seek to generate deep conversations, inspire social and systemic change, or advance our understanding of our minds and bodies. In addition to finding publishers for their books, she helps writers expand their reach by placing essays and journalism in publications ranging from The New York Times and The Atlantic to National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. She is particularly interested in the intersection of narrative writing with topics of psychology, medicine, science, food, technology, business, humor and pop culture. She is also drawn to literary fiction that explores diverse communities or intergenerational stories, commercial fiction that crosses genre borders, and fiction from Latinx and Spanish-speaking writers.