Our Staff

Richard Pine

Richard Pine is a co-founder of Inkwell Management. He works with leaders and writers who inspire, extend horizons, coin new terms, invent new worlds, and reach millions of people. Many of his clients do all of these things at once, including Adam Grant, Susan Cain, Tim Urban, Sal Khan, Simon Sinek, Angela Duckworth, Arianna Huffington, Martin Seligman, Amy Cuddy, and Reshma Saujani.

He represents authors, creators, and memoirists of particularly high originality, such as Bryan Cranston, Susan Orlean, Andre Agassi, Erin Morgenstern, Katherine Dunn, Suleika Jaouad, and Dean Koontz.

His commitment to books which evolve our popular understanding of health and wellness has led him to work with bestselling and groundbreaking practitioners such as Mark Hyman, Dr. Michael Greger, Andrew Weil, and Bad Manners.

He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. In 2014, Richard was inducted into the Books for a Better Life Hall of Fame.

His interest is with the long-term success of his clients. He therefore endeavors always to help them create relationships with the very best partners in publishing and beyond. As a result, he has helped his clients sell millions of books, inspire and entertain millions of readers, and establish careers that last lifetimes.